Auto-cutting & auto stitching machine for umbrella’s velcro strap


      As we know we need to stitch the umbrella 's Velcro on the strap one by one by hand made is time-consuming.

     This strap is used for when you folded the umbrella. But now,there is a automatic stitching machine. Which could auto-cutting the strap to the size you want . then auto transfer to the auto-stitching machine. To stitch the Velcro on the strap. It is largely improve the production capacity. And lower the umbrella handmade cost.

  This auto-stitching strap way will improve your brand more competitive to fight other cilents.

 Below is auto-cutting the umbrella strap to the length which you need. the length could be adjusted.


Here is auto-stitching the square velcro on the strap.see below :



    Finished umbrella closing strap as below photo.  then we will stitch this strap to umbrella.  with this strap it will help you to store the umbrella well. and your umbrella will look regular.

    Most of umbrella factory choose this stitching way. to save time and labour cost.


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