What? Umbrella will not get wet on rain day?


How a umbrella will not get wet on rain day? Let'ss see this technology umbrella now.


The umbrella cover with a   nano technology coating . see when umbrella cover get wet. the drop of water will like fall on lotus. every water drop like a small round ball.it will move quikly. 



The water will just a droplet on the umbrella canopy.  The umbrella canopy will not get wet. Cause thedroplet will fall down fastly in seconds when you shake the umbrella.

Even pour milk on the canopy.the magical moment is coming.


See the umbrella cover will not get wet or dirty.

Cause the water resistant nano coating on the fold umbrella cover. So the umbrella will not get wet or dirty.

Beside these,umbrella 's canopy design and color. if with printing or not. it will not effect the water resistant function.

What awesome folding umbrella !!! 

Water resistant nano coating is suit for all of the umbrella.even fold or straight umbrella design. we have a R&D team could design a umbrella follow client's idea.just feel free to share us your mind. 

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