Xiamen Lichuang Umbrella Company's Mid-Autumn Festival Activity


Mid-Autumn Festival (Mid Autumn Festival cake), a traditional folk custom popular in Xiamen, Fujian Province, is one of the national intangible cultural heritage.


The Mid Autumn Festival Bobing custom originated in Xiamen, Fujian, and was prevalent in Longhai, Zhangzhou, Anhai, Quanzhou, and Jinmen County. It was recorded in the "Taiwan Prefecture Annals" during the Kangqian period of the Qing Dynasty. During the Mid Autumn Festival, families or clubs in southern Fujian and Taiwan spontaneously hold a Mid Autumn Festival mooncake activity. Participants take turns rolling six dice to win the top spot, top spot, exploratory flower, jinshi, juren, and scholar rankings, and obtain mooncakes of different sizes according to the rankings. The game rules of Bobing are simple and fair, full of competition and suspense, and full of life charm, which has always been loved by the general public.

xiamen umbrella

xiamen lichuang umbrella

We, Xiamen Lichuang Raingear, also carry out a pancake activity every year. at this time of year,everyone is looknig forward to the company's bobing event.

Today, our company has also started to Bobing.we are enjoy it. 


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